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How do I obtain a High Risk Work License in Victoria?

A High Risk Work License is an authorisation that allows you to lawfully work with certain high risk equipment and plant machinery that could potentially cause serious injury. There are 29 classes of High Risk Work Licenses that include authorisations for scaffolding, rigging, pressure equipment operation, cranes, and hoist and forklift operation.

Accordingly, many employees in industries such as construction, mining and forestry are required to obtain a High Risk Work License in Victoria.

So, how do I obtain a High Risk Work License in Victoria?

If you are need of a license or want to apply for an additional class for your existing High Risk Work License, you must first complete training through a registered training organisation, pass the assessment and obtain your Assessment Number. Keep in mind that you will need to provide the registered training organisation with photo identification when registering for training.

Once you pass the training assessment, you will be given a Notice of Assessment or an Assessment Number by email. You will need to lodge your license application with your assessment results within 60 calendar days - if you do not, you will have to complete the assessment again. You can either submit your application online on the WorkSafe website or at a participating Australia Post outlet.

What are the classes of the High Risk Work License?

As mentioned before, there are 29 classes of High Risk Work Licenses to use the following types of plant and high risk equipment:


  • Forklift truck operation licence LF
  • Order-picking forklift truck operation licence LO


  • Materials hoist (cantilever platform) operation licence HM
  • Hoist (personnel and materials) operation licence HP


  • Tower crane operation licence CT
  • Vehicle loading crane operation licence CV
  • Non-slewing mobile crane operation licence CN
  • Slewing mobile crane operation licence (up to 20 tonnes) C2
  • Slewing mobile crane operation licence (up to 60 tonnes) C6
  • Slewing mobile crane operation licence (up to 100 tonnes) C1
  • Slewing mobile crane operation licence (open/over 100 tonnes) C0

Dogging equipment

  • Dogging licence DG

Elevating work platforms

  • Boom-type elevating work platform operation licence WP


  • Concrete-placing boom operation licence PB

What is a registered training organisation?

A registered training organisation provides and assesses nationally recognised training programs and qualifications. Only a registered training organisation can issue qualifications such as High Risk Work Licenses and other programs by the Australian Skills Quality Authority. Consequently, you can obtain a High Risk Work License in Victoria by going through a registered training organisation.

Australian Easy Train is a registered training organisation, assisting companies and individuals in the Melbourne area to obtain a High Risk Work License in Victoria. We specialise in forklift, dogman, rigging, crane and other high risk equipment courses, as well as refresher courses. If you have any questions, please contact our friendly team on (03) 9706 4881.

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