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Licence perform dogging

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DG HRW Licence (CPCCLDG3001)

Licence perform dogging

To provide applicants with the practical skills and knowledge to safely perform dogging (DG) in accordance with Safe Work Australia's National Standard for Licencing Persons Performing HRW. All training and assessments are carried out by our own HRW trainers and assessors certified by Worksafe Victoria.

Course Information

Course Content

  • Plan job
  • Select and inspect equipment
  • Prepare site and equipment
  • Perform task
  • Shut down job and clean up

The course is conducted over 5 consecutive days

Course Name:

Licence to perform dogging

Course Code:

CPCCLDG3001 - WorkSafe HRW Licence (code DG)


This course runs for 5 X 8 Hour Days Check course dates for next available course details.


Our up to date facility is located at:

Australian Easy Train

35 Kimberly Road

Dandenong Victoria 3175

PH (03) 9706 - 4881

Dress Requirements:

Applicants must provide relevant PPE to participate in the course.

  • Steel capped safety boots
  • Hi-Visibility clothing/vest
  • Hard hat
  • Gloves (Optional)

Note:All PPE must be in good condition.

Equipment Required:

  • We supply all equipment required including whistles and lanyards.
  • We will be using our choice of crane being either a XCMG 25t mobile slewing crane set up on outriggers or our 80t Sumitomo crawler crane. We vary between the two depending on weather conditions and availability. Rest assured we will have you directing one or the other during your course.
  • Our cranes has undergone the required services and is always up to the requirements of the Australian Standards and is serviced regularly.
  • Suitable materials to 'pigsty' the cranes outriggers may be fitted
  • Slings and chains to perform the required lifts.

Fees Include:

  • Dogging Course Guide
  • Materials and Equipment
  • Training and Assessment


  • Applicants must be 18 years of age to undertake the training and assessment
  • Ability to read, write, speak and understand basic English
  • Applicants must understand basic mathematics which includes the use of formulas

Note: RPL pathway is not available for this course due to licencing requirements. Applicants are required to complete the full training course. Refer to RTO Condition 4.7 for conducting assessments.

Start Time:

7:45 for 8AM Start

Course Assessment

Training Methods


  • Face to Face Classroom, training knowledge course guide, with the use of white board, DVD's, samples of equipment, simulated workspace and or roll play.
  • Questioning, observation, working through student workbooks, pre-assessment questionnaire.


  • Trainer to demonstrate full hazard identification of performance area, risk controls to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Demonstration of sling inspections, slinging methods, communication with a crane operator in the movement of a load, knots, bends and hitches by trainer and student.

Course Outcomes

On successful completion of this course and assessment applicants will be issued with:

  • Notice of Satisfactory Assessment (NOA)
  • Nationally Accredited Statement of Attainment

Assessment Methods

  • Questioning - Written Theory & Calculation Assessment
  • Practical - Performance/Observation Assessment

Assessment Conditions

  • Condition 4.42: Assessors must ensure that an applicant completes all elements of the assessment on the same day, unless: (a) After the commencement of the Practical Assessment, circumstances outside the control of the individual Assessor or Applicant prevent this. i.e. weather conditions (strong winds)
  • Condition 4.43: Assessors must ensure that the applicant concludes any incomplete Assessments within two subsequent days (over three consecutive days in total)

Pre-Enrolment and Booking Procedure

  • All bookings for our accredited and non accredited course can be done via the phone or initially through our web page
  • To confirm your booking, we must book a time and date and confirm fees and charges. Once you have agreed either over the phone or via email to conduct your training/and or licensing requirements, your booking will placed on our training calendar.
  • AET will then supply via email or post your confirmation letter, your self assessment form, your course brochure and price and Learner Guide for general information regarding Australian Easy Train. You might also receive pre study material that you must review and understand prior to the commencement of your course.
  • Once your booking is confirmed you will receive a confirmation letter with your training date, the time, location, the course and course code you will be undertaking. The confirmation letter will have additional information such as appropriate I.D, protective clothing requirements etc. for the day of your training.
  • Once you have received all documentation you will come to our office at 35 Kimberly Road in Dandenong South the morning of your training session, you will be required to pay any balance owing for your fees in full, should there be a balance outstanding, and fill in your enrolment form whilst the assessor reviews your self assessment form that you have filled in and supplied on the day. You will also be required to fill in any Worksafe documentation required at that point for your High-Risk Work Licensing Units.
  • You will then proceed to commence your training course with AET.

Nationally recognized statement of attainment

All participants will receive a nationally recognized statement of attainment CPCCLDG3001-Licence to perform dogging on successful completion of the assessment.

  • Additional licencing fee is payable to Worksafe Victoria within 60 days of assessment at any Australia Post Outlet or can create a myworksafe account & lodge it online at worksafe.vic.gov.au
  • Further information about your application and the related fees can be found on the Worksafe website:worksafe.vic.gov.au or call 1300 852 562
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