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Licence to operate a Vehicle Loading Crane

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CV HRW Licence (TLILIC0024)

Licence to operate a Vehicle Loading Crane

(Capacity 10 metre tonne and above)

To provide applicants with the practical skills and knowledge to safely operate a Vehicle Loading Crane (capacity 10mt tonnes and above (CV) in accordance with Safe Work Australia's National Standard for Licencing Persons Performing HRW. All training and assessments are carried out by our own HRW trainers and assessors certified by Worksafe Victoria.

Applicant Requirements

  • Have Photo ID (i.e. Australian Drivers Licence, Passport, Proof of age card)
  • ID must contain photo, signature and date of birth
  • Proof of Victorian residential address
  • Study the course material prior to attending

We supply you with a 5200Kg @ 3.1mts capacity Hiab Vehicle loading crane, mounted onto a Isuzu truck body which suits the HRW licence requirements.

Course Description

The Vehicle loading crane course covers the following units:

  • Plan work/task
  • Prepare for work/task
  • Perform work/task
  • Pack up

The course is conducted over 5 consecutive days

Course Name: Licence to operate a Vehicle loading crane

Course Code: TLILIC0024 - WorkSafe HRW Licence (code CV)

Duration: This course runs for 5 X 8 Hour Days

Start Time: 7.45 for 8AM Start

How to calculate the metre tonne rating of your Vehicle loading crane?

Vehicle loading cranes are rated in metre tonnes. This tends to cause some confusion amongst users. It is particularly important to understand the size requirements of your crane, because licensing requirements in Australia for vehicle loading cranes is determined by the rated capacity of the vehicle loading crane.

Vehicle loading cranes rated at 10 metre tonnes or above require a CV license to operate them.

Q: So how is this rating determined?

A: To calculate the metre tonne rating of your crane, you need to:

  • Refer to your crane's load chart.
  • Determine from the load chart the MAXIMUM LOAD your crane can lift.
  • Determine the MAXIMUM RADIUS it can lift the MAXIMUM LOAD.
  • Multiply together these 2 numbers (Metres X Tonnes)
  • If the answer is equal to or greater than 10, then you require a license to operate your Vehicle Loading Crane.

Example: Look at the load chart below from a knuckle boom crane.

Therefore: 3.1 metres x class='font-bold'>5.2 tonne = class='font-bold'>16.12 metre tonnes

This crane requires a HRW license to operate it.

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