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Overhead Crane (pendant control)

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Overhead Crane (pendant control)

Below is an outline of costs involved to complete Overhead Crane Training/Chain & Sling Identification course (pendent controlled Overhead Crane), and on successful completion obtain a Competency Card.

Please contact our office for Training Fees

Duration: Approx. 3 Hours

Number of applicants: 1 to 8 applicants

The Overhead Crane/Chain & Sling Identification training consists of theory and practical components, and how to handle chains and slings.

There is no licence for the Overhead Crane/Chain & Sling Identification only a Competency Card is issued.

A TV/Video or DVD must be available for training out on site (at your premises on your crane).

Course Content

  • Course Learner Guide
  • Pre-Operational checks on the crane
  • Operate Crane
  • Work as a group to handle loads
  • Hazard identification for the site
  • Sling Inspections
  • The Safe Operations of Overhead Cranes

Should you require any further information or to make a booking you can contact the office on (03) 9706 4881 or by email: courses@auseasytrain.com.au

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