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Complaints and Appeals Policy

Australian Easy Train Pty Ltd (AET) will address each student complaint or appeal in a punctual and efficient manner, in order to maintain a high level of student satisfaction.


  • AQTF standards
  • Complaints and Appeals Register




  • Each student complaint or appeal will be addressed punctually, if not immediately, it will be within 5 days, with a view to ensuring the satisfaction of all parties with the outcome.
  • Initially, an informal resolution to the problem will be sought through discussions between the student and the trainer/assessor.
  • If an informal resolution cannot be achieved, then the complainant/appellant should submit the complaint or appeal in writing to the Director.
  • The Director will liaise with the complainant/appellant to identify the cause and to resolve the problem to everyone's mutual satisfaction.
  • In some cases, an independent panel may need to be formed by the Director to hear the complaint or appeal. This may involve external organisations, namely the VRQA. See link below. https://www.vrqa.vic.gov.au/complaints/Pages/complaints.aspx
  • The complainant/appellant will have the opportunity to present his/her case to the panel in person.
  • The outcomes of the negotiations will be summarised on a 'Complaints and Appeals Register', together with any corrective action(s) taken.
  • The complainant will be informed in writing of the outcomes within seven days of the hearing.
  • AET will act promptly to address the subject of any complaint, which is found to be substantiated.

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